A Tunisian word meaning homemade – or artisanal; And that is exactly what our little family-owned business wishes to showcase. We aim to put our astisans at the forefront. We value their know-how and craftsmanship.

When we hear artisanal; we hear eco-friendly, fair-trade and durable. This is noticeable visually and by scent in our products.

  • Sustainable

    Our Olive Wood products are handmade from the finest olive wood quality, designed and handcrafted for long-term use and will not break apart or lose shape for years to come.

    They are non-toxic, biodegradable, and an ultimate friend to nature.

  • Ancestral Handpaint Technique

    The tile pattern is first silk screened with a dark color and then the rest of the colors are Hand Painted on the glazed but not fired tile. Once all the colors are applied, the tile is glazed with a transparent glaze and fired up to 1040 Centigrades.